The RMC Cyclone™ (U.S. Patent) is an automated driver operated machine that uses high pressure water to remove concrete residue that has not fully hardened from the inside of the mixer drum and the fins.  This is accomplished by means of a rotating nozzle on the end of a boom that is inserted into the open end of the mixer drum.  

The RMC Cyclone™ is controlled by an Electronic Machine Controller (EMC), so once the boom is properly positioned, all that remains for the driver to do is to push the “Start/Clean” button on the console. Three minutes later, the cleaning cycle is complete.

Other Important Benefits

     •   Reduction in fuel and maintenance costs;

     •   Elimination of build up on fins in the mixer drum;

  • Elimination of OSHA fines and liability when chipping contractors fail to follow  "confined space entry" requirements.  
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions;

     •  Improvement in workers’ safety and health;

     •  Increase in the amount of concrete that can be hauled; and

     •  Improvement in mix and discharge quality of the concrete.